Dreaming as a Child

When I was in sixth standard, I had the most colourful dreams and aspirations. One of them was to make sequels of every movie that there ever was.

There was a kid named Shyam in my class. He was the only other person in my class who watched Hollywood movies, apart from me. We played this game called HOLLYWOOD, which is like Hangman, but using the word HOLLYWOOD, and the words all had to be Hollywood movies. We played this game every lunch break, every PT period, every free period and sometimes, when all our work was done, we played during class, too.

While playing, we also talked about sequels. And then we decided to make sequels when we grew up. It was because we had no hope that the sequels would be made XD

So, it was set. I would write the scripts and he would direct. It was as simple as that. And I was halfway through my first synopsis for a Pokemon movie. If I dug that up and showed it to anyone member of the Graphic.Inc, I would be slaughtered and buried in the sea. Or maybe electrocuted and set off a forest fire.

I was also writing a book with a friend. It was called “How To Make Best Friends”. The idea popped into our heads while we were talking about how we’ve been through having friends and going through trust issues, in 6th standard. The chapters are like, Symptoms of a Best Friend and Who to talk to?

As a girl who didn’t know how to draw and had *just* discovered manga, I also wanted to be a Manga Artist that year. One of my friends saw this on paper and started teasing me. Manga in Kannada is Monkey. So, according to them, I was going to be Monkey Artist.


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