No Such Thing as ‘Bad Photography’

Vineeth Jason, a third year environmental science student from St. Joseph’s college, believes that there is no such thing as “Bad photography”. You might remember him from The Story Of An Amatog, as the one who coined the term “Amatog”. Vineeth is an amatog and he is a brilliant one.

Image (1)

This was the first ever image I took in my life. It was with my dad’s antique looking point and shoot. I still remember the joy at handling such expensive equipment at the age of 9.

Image (3)

I love ‘Bokeh’. If its a crime, sue me.

I love Bokeh, too. His instagram feed has a lot more Bokeh photos and each one of them is breathtaking.

Image (4)

Spirituality and Religion go hand in hand they say. But, religion loses its grip over me when I’m engulfed within the spirituality of the camera.
Image (5)
Post Processing is a term that is grey area to me. Since it feels like I’m cheating the beholder of the actual beauty, I tend to refrain from editing. To overcome the lack of editing, I try my best to take good images.
I’ve always wanted to capture the sky as it goes through moods like we hoomans do, and this has been perfectly captured.
I’ve only recently forayed into the vast colosseum that is Portraiture. While I am yet to delve deep into its complexities and intricacies, i do try my best to uphold the honour of Candid Portraiture.
To see the full stories behind these photographs, click here.
Vineeth isn’t just an amazing photographer, he’s also a really good writer! Those stories are evident.
Image (8)
Anonymity lost in the Rear View Mirror. Unlike most flamboyant photographers i like to work behind the scenes and in stealth.
Image (9)
Pictures like this Show infinite depth and add both physical and intellectual depth to the image.
Image (10)
This was the first picture i took with my new (at that time) camera. The equipment does not limit the artist but it sure helps when that low light situation catches you unawares.
That is one breathtaking view.

When I asked him why the fascination of clicking pictures attracted him, he told me:
It attracted me because there is so much to be seen in the world but there’s only so much that you keep in your memory of that place or that time.
There are three ways to document it – pictures, writing and videos.Writing is a very informative tool and you can put in a lot of information but you tend to leave out the details and the finer points which may be the difference between a good story and a bad one.

With pictures this all goes away and it is known that pictures speak a thousand words. This joy of “writing” a thousand words in a span of a second with the press of the finger is what brought me to love photography.

But one drawback that I’ve felt is that when you take a picture, you concentrate on a 100 out of a million elements in the picture and make a judgement, whereas the other 999,999,900 may hold something of value to someone who gives a more thorough inspection of the photos. The judgement based on the relatively minute sample size is what makes bad photography when in reality there is no ‘bad photography’.

I think this is an incredible thought. And not many people can think that way. Especially not people as talented as Vineeth.
This is the picture that defines “him”.
Image (2)
Unsheltered from the rain
A Pigeon is an ordinary and uninteresting bird, but it shows off a side of its beauty in difficult times (here, rain) for a rare fleeting moment.

Today, I’m here to show how Vineeth is not ordinary and uninteresting. Today, it is his day to show off his side of beauty, even though this isn’t difficult times. Today, I’m here to show off this rare talent to the world.

His photos of Bengaluru are raw and true at heart. Those photos are proof of how much he loves the city. They are fascinating and stunning. Be sure to check out his blog for more amazing photos and the stories behind them!

(If you know a rare talent like this, contact me here!)

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