NOT Studio Ghibli- Anime movies (Part 4)

I watched Summer Wars a long time ago and today, the muhurtham finally came right for me to blog about it.


I have blind dates with most of the movies that I watch, including the movies that I watch in English class. I don’t check the story, I don’t check the actors, and most of the times I pick movies at random because they sound nice. And Summer Wars piqued my interest because it had “Summer”.

If I had seen the summary of this movie, I definitely would not have watched this movie. But I didn’t, and I ended up battling rather than enjoying the date.

It’s a gaming life. I didn’t understand the whole new-world-on-software thing. I, of course, didn’t understand the hacking part. But I did like the last, slightly cutsey love scene. But other than that, it just went over my head.

What I did like about the movie, however, was how colourful it looked!


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