Anime As An Inspiration And Aspiration

There are some people you fall in love with. Sometimes, you fall in love with people’s talents.

I fell in love with Anita Joseph’s talent, and she is one of my earliest talent-crushes ever. And it was not just her talent, I fell in love with her handwriting as well.


This was the poster that she made for the registration of Graphic.Inc. After seeing this, I was convinced that she was going to take this to the next level. And that I would want to see her there.

It has been quite a busy week for both of us, but I somehow managed to take an interview of her while mangafying me. I’ll get to that a little later.

When someone asked her if she plans on continuing this, she says:

Yes, I do! I want to go to Japan and make Anime! That’s my goal in life.

I spoke with her for a while and getting to know her fangirl side made my day.


See the sign at the bottom right? Yes, that’s the second thing I noticed after I found out that she was leftie, too.

This is what she told me when I asked her what her inspiration to draw was:

I used watch anime when I was really small and when I was in India on Animax. Then Animax just stopped and a while later I went to Qatar and there’s nothing to do there because you can’t go out and that’s when I re-entered the anime spree. I started watching Naruto, One Piece and Monster and that sort of thing and in class I would want to re watch certain scenes and I wanted to be able to see the characters all the time and then I started to draw. I drew scenes that I constantly wanted to be reminded of, and from 8th standard to 12th, I never quit because I never listened in class and I used to draw all the time,all over my text books and note books.


Her first favourite thing that she drew?

I drew Mustang from FullMetal Alchemist and I absolutely love him! *in a whisper*  SO. MUCH.

That. That there is the fangirl side of her. Sadly, she doesn’t have the photo of the drawing.

After seeing these, there is no way that one can believe that there was a time when she hated to draw.

Before my 8th grade, I sucked at drawing and hated it. But then, after watching anime and wanting draw, all I ever did in class was that. All my juniors would stand in line for my note books and text books because it would be filled with drawings!


Unfortunately, these are all I have at the moment. But once I do get more I will put them up for more people to admire.

I wish for her to reach her goal and make anime. I’m sure I will watch it.

On the 9th of February, St. Joseph’s college (our college) held a fest for all associations to come together and show off their works. Graphic.Inc had an portrait stall whenre the artist would draw an Manga version of you, in whichever style you wanted. Anita was one among the artists, along with our beloved ADP, and together, all the six artists drew 71 portraits in one day!


Talk about amazing strength and talent!


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