Discovery by Chance

This boy from Kerala, Sanas, has dipped his toe in various things and found out that he had a knack to certain things; specifically photography and graphic designing. Combining that with his creativity, he has done some amazing things so far.

And hopefully, continue to do them.


When I asked him how he started doing this, he flashed his smile shyly and said:

I was in 10th grade and I had this friend called Suhair. He used to do creative things like this. We both used to be a part of a team. He used ask me to help him with short film or editing or things like that and I liked doing doing it. He used to do them and I used to watch and and then try it on my own and it worked!

Divith, another friend of mine, got me into designing.

Talk about good, inspiring friends!

These are some of the graphic designs that he had done. The one on the left was for their BioTech fest and the one on the right was for their class T-shirt.

Which, in the end, was rejected. His class has absolutely no taste. If you could look closer, you’ll see that every single line has been carefully thought out. It’s intricate pattern of things is what drives me towards it.

I would’ve killed to wear a t-shirt with that print.


The effect is called multiple exposure. And it. Just. ROCKS.

He is also an excellent photographer.

Suhair introduced me to photography. I borrowed a camera from my uncle, a Sony Cybershot and the first thing I shot was a housefly.

The feeling after i shot that was indescribable. It was amazing. It was like I achieved something.


That was his first photo. I’m so glad he has it!


Photos of rain make me feel nostalgic and go gooey and warm all over. I think this photo is just so, so, good.

And so are these.


This was in Bangalore only. There was some puja happening and this woman was looking at her children who were applying turmeric and all and I just had to click the photo.

Some more amazing photos.


A brilliant portrait of his friend when he had come to Bangalore.

Those three are my personal favourites.

The lamp hanging because, well, how can one not like it?

The leaves because they are just captivating and transport me to another world if I stare long enough.

The temple below it because I have travelled through that road all my life and it is very close to heart.

When I ask him what his plans are:

I want to make a career out of this. Even though people say it is hard, I want to give it a challenge.

He’s currently pursuing BioTechnology and has plans to join a designing course. I am sure that you’ll be successful in it. Anyone who doesn’t hire this talent is stupid.

All the best! I hope you’ll fulfill all your dreams!





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