Love for the Art is more Important

Nithya here has learnt and taught me an important thing in life: to be passionate about something that you love, even if you aren’t good at it.

Nithya is a self taught artist, much like our Shree Nithya, but like many of us, Nithya discovered her passion late in her 9th std.

I was at my cousin’s place and my aunt had studied visual communication and she used to paint and do art works and all and because of her, I did my first sketch.


She has beautifully captured the essence of desert life.

I mostly get attracted to small stuff, like stars, or hummingbirds.


I don’t think of myself as a great artist. But I love what I do and enjoy it the most.

This. This is a life lesson.


And this is like therapy for me. Like last week, I was really stressed out and had anxiety issues and couldn’t sleep and then I came to college and decorated for Nirvaan and after that, I’m fine. I sleep well now.

She doesn’t take a long time doing art. She is a pretty fast sketcher and a very good one at that! I just loved the above Harry Potter doodle. It takes me away to a whole new place and leaves me hungry for more of Harry Potter! I can never get enough of it.


I did this when I was really depressed a few weeks ago.

“What is bad for the heart and mind is good for the art.” -I’ll Give you The Sun, Jandy Nelson. 

I know where it comes from, now.

These are her interpretations of Katniss and the scene where Rue dies in the Hunger Games.

That (left one) is actually a tattoo inspired art. The other one is me.


I did this sketch for Keerthana. She’d given me the topic, like Forbidden Fruit. So this was my interpretation of it and I drew this in just 25 minutes.

That must be record time! It’s beautiful! The detail is just stunning.

She loves painting on walls more than on paper.

When you paint on walls, you seem to have larger space. You make small mistakes, it’s fine, it’ll get covered up and you can do something about it. But that is not the case in paper. Every minute thing is noticeable.

I totally love them all.


That is how her shelf looks like. No, my hair is not turning green because of envy. Totally not.

And, what’s more, as a Piscean, she also loves blue!

Every single work has an element of blue in it. I just love it so much!


This was inspired by the song, “I’ll ride, I’ll fly, Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky!” from the movie Brave. I just love the song and that is my interpretation of it.

Everyone says not everybody can be artists or draw and stuff. But I think that as long as you enjoy doing it, and it doesn’t have to be good at all. I think all of us are artists in some form or another, like we do records and we have to draw for it anyway.

This is important. For all those struggling artists who think you’re not good enough, have faith! Believe in yourself and your art. That’s all you need to have to face the world.

If you know someone as talented as Nithya in any field, contact me here!



7 thoughts on “Love for the Art is more Important

  1. This was a lovely post to wake up to in my inbox this morning. Inspiration is all around us, and it is our job to simply CREATE. Something. Anything. Everything!

    Sometimes picking up the pen, paintbrush, or musical instrument is the toughest part! I love that you are inspired by Nithya, and it is leading you to create some wonderful stuff yourself!

    I am really inspired by Prashant Miranda at , and your bright colors reminded me of it of his work.

    Happy creating and a big thanks! 🙂


  2. I think that what you are creating is beautiful and you have a natural talent! Keep doing this because you love it, and post it every once in a while so we can enjoy it too! 🙂
    The lines in some of your drawings reminded me of the artist, Niki de Saint Phalle, who created a sculpture garden in Italy that my sister visited a few years ago and she brought home this print:

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