Finer Details Matter

Meet Sri Pradha. She is my senior from college and one of the most creative and most talented artists that I’ve ever met.

It was during our annual cultural fest, Pratibha, that I met her. I was rooting for two of my classmates for a painting competition and when I saw what she’d painted, I instantly knew that she would win the competition. She’d won my heart with her art already.

I started drawing when I was in 9th standard. I used to browse art work on DeviantArt and there were these two artists that inspired me: Kizioko and Bobsmade.

I used to do them on scraps of paper, here and there and then one day, one of my friends asked me to design a t-shirt for their karaoke team. It turned out pretty well and then I thought, “I can do something with my art!”

And, boy, am I glad that she did.


I hate blank spaces, so the first thing I decided was that I’d doodle on an entire wall I my room. Well, 1/3rd left to go!

I wold never sleep if it was my room.

For me, it’s the small detailing that I love doing. They are so calming!


Bookmarks ❤

I got some lovely white pens from comic con, and decided to make a set of these book marks to give away as presents. Wish I had the time to do more.

All these are from a thing called Inktober I took part in. Inktober is basically one ink drawing a day for the month of October, an event that a lot of artists take part in. Most of what I use is black on white, because honestly, adding colour to a drawing scares me a little bit. I managed to keep up only in 2014, and gave up in 2015 because exams, conveniently. Some of the best art I’ve done is from these Octobers, under my own pressure to upload something by 12 every night. I hope I manage to keep it up this year!


I’ve never been much of a painter, being most comfortable with markers and inks. But of the few I have done, these two are my favourite.

My first ever oil painting, a present to my friend on her birthday. This is Lying Cat from the Saga series, an absolutely stunning comic.

As most of my friend (and few others) would know, I am a little obsessed with the band Radiohead. So I did a portrait of the lead singer Thom Yorke. In coffee. And black ink. I think this painting speaks the most about who I am as a person 😛 (above)


She has showed me that absolutely anything can serve as a tool for art.

I started using an old nib pen, dipping and drawing from ink bottles. Textured paper was a monster to tackle, but I have to say, I’m quite proud of these two. The piano was because I felt like drawing a piano. The ball one, if you notice, has a lot of light things that fly in the wind. This was from listening to Sophie Hunger’s Les Vent Nous Portera on repeat for days (a beautiful song, you should give it a listen!)


I think they’re both amazing.

I sat and spoke to her for more than half-an hour, talking about how every single artist is different, and how diverse we are when it comes to our thoughts and actions, parting only when the bell rang and we both had labs to attend to.

When I asked her if she wants to make this as a career, she says:

It’s hard to say, you know? I like science and I love doing this. I have a feeling that if I drop with one of them, I’ll regret it later.

She’s gonna look into designing after her third year and I have no doubt that she’ll be a success.


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