Cupid’s Arrow

Write an ode to someone or something that you love. Bonus points for poetry!

Of course I’ll write about books and Bangalore. Just books for this post.

The Arrival 

“Your Order will be delivered today”

Beeps My phone

My joy I cannot contain

For there’s a book on the way, that I’m about to own

I run to my mother, who hadn’t opposed to the order

And had agreed to pay for them

And I jump up and down and hold her and hug her and laugh with delight

While she looks at me in fright

At 4:30 PM, the guy comes to my doorstep

With a hint of a smile; a smile of familiarity

and hands me my package, while I take it,

Screaming internally, trying to maintain some integrity.

I take the package to my room

Sit on the edge of my bed and admire the package

Slowly peeling off the tape surrounded

Anticipating the thrill of the look and feel of the treasure inside.

The book glows in the midst if the ruins of the cardboard

I hold it up, Lion King-style

Smell it; admire it; make a place for the book on my bookshelf

And then, finally, plunge into the depths of the book.

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