Dear Magnus Bane

Dear Magnus Bane,

I am a huge admirer. Ever since I started reading about you in City Of Bones, you are my ultimate idol. It was only after I read the Bane Chronicles that I truly appreciated what you went through to the people who you loved.

You are an immortal warlock. An outcast, sometimes. What I love about you is the fact that you have a very kind heart, no matter what anyone says, what anyone does. You’ve helped people out of kindness and that’s not an easy thing to do. You still get picked on, but you don’t give up. You have lost many loved ones, but you still never give up on love. You respect people and beings of all kinds. You never look down upon anyone. I learned to respect, love and accept myself. You have made mistakes but you have learned from them and have forgiven people for their mistakes, no matter how big.

If I was immortal in your world, I’d like to be your best friend and travel all over the world and make new friends and fall in love and break my heart and heal with alcohol and learn and experience amazing things.

Most of all, I’d learn to let go of my fears.


Parinitha P

P.S. It is because of you that I love glitter so much!


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