Far From Normal

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If you took one look at me, you would try to say that I’m trying to live as normal as I possibly can. A professor of mine had once declared that, “Being normal is very difficult.” Exactly what is being normal?

Does being normal mean doing mundane things in life that seem to happen to everyone so that there’s no point in recognizing it? Like doing engineering, for example, so many engineer graduates pass out every year that I’m surprised that the country’s economy hasn’t overflowed yet.

Does being normal mean wearing clothes from Max and not blink an eye when someone you know wears the exact same t-shirt that you thought was unique?

Does being normal mean that you read classics?

Does being normal mean that you enjoy cricket and loathe other sports and shame them?

It can mean all of those things. Or it can mean none.

For me, normal means this:

Using a fountain pen with your name printed on it when the whole world has moved towards disposable ball point pens.

Getting irritated that one of your best friends hasn’t returned your pen to you. Or that guy from the last bench that you hate.

Getting emotional over deciding to sell off your Tinkle comics.

Collecting notebooks. Which are all empty. (See also: My Notebook Fetish.)

Feeling over the moon when your blog stats hits more than 100 in a day!

The feeling of accomplishment after trekking up a small mountain. For the first time in 10 years. Even though you gave up a lot of times on your way up.

Having dinner with family and gossiping about your cousin (shh!) and having a laugh.

Becoming restless when you haven’t read more than a few pages of your currently reading book (more like, half the book).

Feeling possessive towards all that you hold dear (See also: books).

Trying to imitate and learn an art form.

Using different coloured pens: from all the colours in the rainbow to gold and dark green and what not and not bring ashamed about it.

Feeling incomplete when a piece of writing work is pending (in my case, a lot of writing work).

Feeling excited for the Rio Olympics and NONE of your friends have a clue about it. And they don’t even care.


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