I pledge Allegiance

I can go on about this topic and get hit by bus tomorrow morning. I’ll not make this boring. Or contradictory. Promise.

India is a country which is in a state of what is known as “identity crisis”. So are Indians. We dress like the West, talk like the West, eat what the West eats, works for the West (without actually knowing it; they could be referred to as “modern slaves”), learn like the West.

You know what’s missing from making us fully West?

Not thinking like the West.

And we still call ourselves Indians when the Men’s Cricket team wins the World Cup.

And our roots are so deeply embedded in us that it will take at least another few hundred years to fully achieve globalization in the country. And still it can’t be eradicated.

One of my professors told us this during a class: “Only when we trivialize our religious texts, our teachers and our mothers, then only we’re fully doomed.”

I’m pretty sure we’re close to achieving that. I just hope I won’t be there when it happens.


6 thoughts on “Patriotism

  1. You kept your promise – it wasn’t boring or contradictory. It was intelligent and thought provoking. We British have a lot to answer for. My ancestors crashed into your country with our hypocritical religion and our greed, then took your ancestors’ land as their own, while mistreating and degading them. The Western immigrants forced your beautiful country into a different way of life, so it was unable to develop in its own way.
    I actually only know of one ancestor who was involved, and he was in the spice trade, but I’m sure you get my drift.
    Thank you for that great post.


          1. It was true once, and is still true of some, but the country is a mess. Our young are looking toward the future and seeing only darkness. Because of the huge unemployment rate the government are keeping young people in school for longer, but I don’t think it’s always to their advantage. They go on to University, and when they leave there is no work for lots of them. Addiction and poverty have reached massive proportions and are on the increase. It’s not the kind of poverty you see in India, but we’re not as resourceful or as philosophic as Indians. We’re used to having it easy, and that’s half the problem.
            However, I love my beautiful country 🙂

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