Different, yet close

Oil, Meet Water

If I had to pick one person totally opposite to me, I would pick Vaishnavi.

Vaishnavi and I weren’t that close at all when we first met in 2014, in our Sanskrit class. I don’t even remember the first time I spoke to her, or saw her or how we exchanged numbers. But, once we did get close, I realized we were worlds apart and yet there was some invisible force that kept us together for so long.

Vaishnavi has a satirical attitude, which I find very admirable. She is a loner. I’ve often had to jump up and down and all around her to get her attention. She is never convinced. She thinks that I am impossible to ignore. She loves all things that most people haven’t even heard of: Middle Eastern politics, meta-physics, Japanese classical songs. She is also my arch nemesis when it comes to the environment, as she thinks it is pointless to try and save the environment and crushing our hopes (even though we will NEVER be deterred). She loves manga and is a brilliant sketcher. She is an amazing singer, and Carnatic classical music is her forte. Her passion for art is contagious. She is awesome, and her sense of humour (including dirty ones at times…) is unparalleled. She and two other monkeys made my language class bearable.

She couldn’t have been more different than me. And yet, I think if I hadn’t met her, I would be missing on some of the most important aspects of life: learning about art and appreciating it.

I have a feeling that I have been a bad influence on her.


3 thoughts on “Different, yet close

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