Spinning Yarns.

I know of people who can tell stories better than any of the best writers can. For me, a story teller isn’t someone who can just have enough stories to tell, but have the ability to recreate and paint the whole scenario before us, no matter how the story is.

I can think of at least 3 people off the top of my head who are really good story tellers in real life. One is mother. She can turn anything around and make it a funny story. Including her own scary dreams (we started teasing her and she took it sportively enough to make jokes out of it).

Second is a professor from college. I was fortunate enough to have two semesters of class and two certificate courses with him. His classes are the best. Even though we are quite intimidated by his sheer knowledge about everything, having him teach us for an hour a day is never enough.

Lastly, (I have spoken about this person previously, as well, in Fireside Chat) is a senior. If you’ve met him and asked him questions about any Japanese Manga or action comics or Jules Verne, you’ll wonder why you never spoke to him earlier. His recollection of events are worth listening.

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