Sweet Thang!

Pour Some Sugar On Me.

My favourite sweet snacks are biscuits: Parle’s Hide-n-Seek, Good-day, Britannia’s Bourbon, Unibic’s Chocolate cookies. Among others.

When I was small, my sister and I used to have our prime TV time at 5 in the evening because nobody else would be home then. My part of the job would be to bring sufficient amount of biscuits to last us through an hour of TV. I loved the job. I would carefully balance out the chocolate and the non-chocolate ones and arrange them neatly on a plate and bring it to my sister in he living room, where would watch cartoons or some Disney show.

I also love Indian sweets: Dharwad Pedhas from Dharwad, Kundas from Bijapur, Moti Chur laddoo, Laddoos, Jilebis from Poonam Sweets, Barfis Venkateshwara Sweet-meat stall in Bengaluru, Pootarekulu from Pulla Reddy in Bengaluru.  

I love the rich flavour in it, even though I can’t eat more than a few bites of it. It screams culture and richness and tradition and fills your heart in a way that no amount of chocolate can.

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