Open Letter Fridays: To Bengaluru’s Mood Swings

Dear Bengaluru,

You are the most amazing city that I’ve ever seen in all my life. And yet, even as I am so used to you being full of yourself, your mood swings sometimes startle me.

What startles me is not the fact that you can even get mood swings, but for the fact that it lasts so long. One day you’re all, “Hi! I’m awesome and you’ll love me!” with your slightly cloudy days with the Sun making an appearance in the cool, rain filled air.

The next moment, bang! for reasons I don’t think you know about, you’re all fired up and rapidly evaporating all the rain the air and the sweat from our foreheads and some bald heads just as quickly as you’re creating it.

And not to mention that this goes on and on for days. Weeks, even.

I know it’s summer but really? Why do you have to be this harsh? You never were before! We loved your summers and looked forward to it every year nut now we just wish it would all go away as quickly as it came.

So, our request is, please keep yourself in check and simmer down this summer, okay? If you need anyone to talk  to, we’re all here. Forever indebted for giving us space to live and food and water to survive on, we’ll not you let you down anymore, yeah?


Parinitha P

Thanks to Clive for the awesome idea and that amazing image!


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