Studio Ghibli (Part 8)

After Haimanthi was so influenced by it’s quote,


I decided that it was high time that I watched this movie.


The Wind Rises is a historical drama, the final movie of Hayao Miyazaki and a tribute to Japan’s airplane mastermind during the WWII, Jiro Horikoshi. But I knew none of this when I watched this movie.

I had previously tried watching it but never got past the first six or seven minutes.

But then I watched it full and my mind is blown. I never thought I could see the world this way and that engineers are also artists. I mean, that’s such an amazing concept but it’s really depressing that that fact isn’t true today. It doesn’t even come close.

There’s a piece of music that plays throughout the movie and I am utterly, undeniably in love with it. I don’t know what it’s called but if there’s a piece of music that made me feel, it was this one.


7 thoughts on “Studio Ghibli (Part 8)

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