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The Black Staircase

The black metal staircase in Ranga Shankara is one of the structures that is very daunting to me, which includes the hanging bridge flyover in KR Puram and the steep curved flyover in Kengeri.

But I went today. I climbed up the stairs without holding the banister and without feeling fear. The fear was engulfed by my excitement to watch my very first contemporary dance performance, La Foret Ebouriffee.

The performance was an hour-long one, with only two male dancers. It involved a lot graphics and making it more movie-like. At times, the projection of the graphics overwhelmed the two dancers but other times, I think it was absolutely brilliant.

The performance was about a change: a change in strength, thought, maturity of two young boys when they embark on an unlikely adventure. I didn’t completely understand what it was about.

Maybe that was the whole point.



Books and mail make my day :) I'm slowly discovering art. But crafts help me lift my mood. Writing is important. Family is the best.

3 thoughts on “The Black Staircase

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