Weekend Coffee Share #4

Happy World Environment day, everyone!

I haven’t celebrated it like everyone does. I don’t go out to a park and plant a sapling (just so my WhatsApp DP will good and just it gives me a peace of mind that I’m doing something good to the environment) and forget about it for the rest of my life. No. For me, everyday is Earth Day, everyday is Environment Day and as an environmentalist, I strive everyday to make this earth a better place for all living beings.

Even if it is very minuscule and doesn’t have much effect if it isn’t on a large scale.

My week was really good! This week was my last at CDD Society, where I interned for all of May. I’m going to miss it. I’ll miss the coffee machine; I’ll miss the dogs; I’ll miss my very own office(!!); I’ll miss the travel route; I miss the garden area and most of all, I’ll miss working with the girls. This past month, I made two really good friends. We got really close while working and I’ll definitely miss that. We got a really good farewell, with quite a few gifts and loads of blessings and good wishes.

The people we worked with.
Our separate office and desks!
The garden area with the fountain.
The main office.

I went to my very first contemporary dance performance, La Foret Ebouriffee at Ranga Shankara., courtesy of Yeshas and his aunt, Komala. You can read about it here.

I spent my Saturday making art. The people at Fictional Fortress (An Indian reading club, blog found here), are having a Harry Potter read-a-thon and to celebrate that, I made post cards! It has become a new obsession and when I asked if anyone needed one, I got three requests! So I made them, and another one for a friend’s birthday. So, four in all.

I am so dayum excited to make more. I got a set of Tempera Colours and water colour cakes, too! I also stated using one of my favourite handmade notebooks for noting down all addresses. I think it will be well used.

I am taking part in J R Rogue‘s and Kat Savage’Because Every Summer Is Still Winter June writing prompts, where everyday, I answer a prompt in poetry. It is an amazing exercise and even though my poetry is crap, I have loved writing every minute of it. You can find them here on my fiction blog.  

This was my week. One of the best I’ve had in a long time!

Tell me about yours!



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