201st post!

Can you believe that?! 201!!

I am over the moon. I had no idea that it was 200th post when I was typing it. I hit “Publish” and WordPress congratulated me on it. I’ll admit, I was a little shocked at first, but then was so happy.

I spent all evening yesterday going through my previous posts and I am amazed by how well my blog has evolved. Amazed is an understatement, actually. Over the months of April and May, after my month long hiatus, I go through my writing and taken aback by it. They don’t sound like something I would’ve written; they sound like something that I wish I would’ve written.

And the two girls are unable to meet.

And there’s so much of support that I need to take in consideration. From friends, family, bloggers and total strangers. I owe you all.

P.s. Excuse me for the bad photo and the hand lettering. Too excited to make a nice one 😀


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