Weekend Coffee Share #5

This is my last weekend for the Summer.

My college starts tomorrow and even though I am really excited about it, dread creeps its way through me. I am genuinely scared.

My week was spectacular. I had the whole week off, as I had finished interning with CDD Society. I bought books, met Prince and his newly adopted dog, Jack Sparrow! He’s such a sweetie!

I have successfully reached the end of the second week for JR Rogue’s and Kat Savage’s June writing prompts for poetry, Because Every Summer Is Still Winter, and it has to be my biggest achievements so far. You can read them all here.

I turned into a master procrastinator this week. I had a couple of really good ideas for short stories, and Sunny has been urging me to note them down. “At lease voice record it,” he pleaded. But no, I didn’t do it because I know for sure that I’ll never forget them. And then I had some part of a scene of a story I haven’t written yrt play in my head, like a movie (I often do that), and to escape from having to write it, I turned towards my currently reading, Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman (and still somehow not able to finish it).

And the big day was Saturday. Saturday morning, I woke up late (as I did on all the other days :P) and took a long, late bath. I came out of the bathroom and found an Amazon package sitting on the tepoy. I was the only one who received packages these days and not even such huge ones. I took a closer look and found out that it was from Indumathi Arunan. My Fangirl Friend Forever (FFF). Still in my pink turkey towel, I took the package to my room, took a blade from my pen stand, and hacked through the brown tape.

All the while, I kept wondering, “What has that girl sent me?!” And the answer?

WP_20160611_13_24_36_Pro    My very first book on writing.

With this amazing notebook from Sri Lanka, which is 100% handmade, recycled and with banana fibres. And the smell? Imagine if someone could capture the smell of the earth while it was raining. It’s like they sprayed that perfume to the pulp and then dried it and made paper. It smells that pure and heavenly.

And of course, she had written a note. I read that note over four times because I had missed her over the summer. I just love that she supports me so much in writing.

And then I got my package of Eleanor and Park on Friday and today, I received my copy of the final installment of Half Bad trilogy, Half Lost. 

I won two ebooks in a giveaway hosted by a fellow book blogger, For The Love Of Fictional Worlds, and I’m finished with the first one. For more, check our my GoodReads!

And now, I’m in a conflicted state.

What should I read next?!

How was you week? Hope it was as spectacular as mine!

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