Ustaad Hotel

The first movie I watched under the banner of “Monday Movie Blind Dates” was Ustaad Hotel, and it was highly recommended by a good friend, Yeshas.

This is Yeshas’s review:

Well, what does it take to make a good ‘Indian’ movie?

A good story, love, humour, good music, bit of action and a variety of emotions added to it. Ustad hotel has it all, but that’s not it. Just like a delicious gourmet doesn’t need the right ingredients alone , what is even more important is to add them in the right proportion to balance the taste. Ustad hotel is a perfect example of one such ‘delicious’ movie.

Released in the year 2012, Ustad Hotel has won numerous accolades for music, acting, dialogues, acting, story and the movie as a whole; to mention a few it won the 2012 National Awards for Best Popular Film, Best Dialogues (Anjali Menon) and a special mention award for Tilakan.

The movie being a fusion of new talents and experienced veterans has a beautifully crafted script by Anjali Menon, working in her 2nd and unforgettable acting by Tilakan in his last movie. Dialogues and Gopi Sunder’s music keeps reverberating within for a long time. Director Anwar Rasheed and Anjali Menon’s scripts has worked wonders (Bangalore days being the duos next movie). Cinematography and art director deserves credits for giving a pleasing visual experience, the aroma of Karim ikka’s malabari biryani almost reached my nose!

The movie starts with Faizi’s father expecting a male child even before Faizi was born, Ustad hotel subtly addresses various issues – the desire for a son over a daughter , Faizi not being allowed to enter kitchen because he is a boy , the parental pressure to pursue a career according to their wish etc.

It(the movie) touches various relations, between a boy and a girl, father and a son and grandfather and grandson. Dulquer and Tilakan’s chemistry appears genuine and is wonderful. It seems as if none could have replaced Tilakan in Karim ikka’s role. Umar(Mamukkoya) deserves a special mention too, his comedy timing is excellent. All the actors gave brought life into their characters. Though the movie is mainly about food covering suleimani (added with love!) to Karim ikka’s biryani and oag cuisine to oysters, Ustad Hotel has more than just exotic food. Karim ikka not only teaches to cook but also teaches social responsibility, to take good care of his employees and also emphasises on the importance of traveling.

The climax is touching, it definitely leaves any human moved, showing the invaluable importance of food and the love attached to it. The movie made me laugh, smile, drool and also filled my eyes.

As Karim ikka says “Anyone can fill anyone’s stomach but those who eat must be mentally satisfied too,” Ustad hotel satisfies the mind too!

This is my review of the movie.

Ustaad Hotel, a 2012 Malayalam movie is a movie of dreams.

A very typical Indian movie, with romance and stereotypic families, Faizi, our protagonist, is here to break the stereotype that “Men shouldn’t cook” and following his grandfather’s footsteps, much to his business minded father’s dismay.

As a mother less child, Faizi is raised by his four older sister’s in Dubai, often voluntarily helping them in cooking. But his father is angered by the actions of his sole heir to his wealth.

But, never fear. Faizi is as smart as this generation comes. He goes away to Switzerland to study “Hotel Management” but returns as a trained chef, which humiliates his father in front of their community and Faizi leaves. He ends up in the care of his grandfather, Kareem Ikka, who owns a hotel, Ustaad hotel, near the beach of Calicut. And this is where Faizi learns how to cook and why he should cook.

The movie has been shot in a way that reaches out to you and you involuntarily fall in love. You fall in love with food, with life and you get inspired by life and get highly motivated. It never demands attention, but you end up paying attention anyway.

The portrayal of food in the movie is it’s highlight. The Suleiman tea, or the famous Malabar biryani, Faizi’s look of amazement and his character development is a treat to the eyes.

This movie is for food lovers and it is a movie filled with life, family and the desire cook good food and love people for all that they’re worth.



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