First month syndrome

At the start of every new year at college, I always fall sick.

The first semester, I thought it was by mistake. During the orientation programme that our HOD conducts every year, a girl was unwell, with cold and throat infection and that sort of thing. So when it was my turn to speak to her, I had to lean in close to her so as to hear her better. Two days later, Boom! Took a day off for rest.

The second year, in my third semester, I fell sick a little late, sometime after two weeks college had started. My oldest cousin who lived Bangalore fell ill with dengue. A week after that, I had a mild attack. I took a whole WEEK off just so I could gain enough strength to attend college. That week was so bad. I had to drink ORSL juice, which gave me glucose and practically had to live off of it for the week.

This year, I was waiting. I noticed the pattern and as soon as monsoon hit, I was ready.

But, noooo.

Fever and cold had to hit you at the most unexpected time.And it hit be (get it? Me?) the night before my most awaited day, The Under 25 Lit’ Fest (Which I will tell you all about this weekend) on Sunday. I plowed through it and two days of college, non stop.

Which is why my family tied me down on Wednesday, and let me sleep till 11 in the morning.

Ah, bliss.


One thought on “First month syndrome

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