Weekend Coffee Share #6

This should technically be #7 but since I was busy last Sunday, I will do two weeks’ worth today.

College only started two weeks ago and already I’m piled up with work. In addition to that, I feel a little out of lace in my own college! For the last two years, I’ve walked through a corridor and waved to at least two people and smiled at many others. But this year, it seems as if I can’t recognize a single person other than my classmates. The people seem meaner and with loads more unnecessary attitude and cruel glint in their eyes.

I must be paranoid.

Last Sunday, I went to the most awaited event ever: The Under-25 Lit Fest! It happened at the Humming Tree in Indiranagar and it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out the place. In my defence, it was on the third floor. It was not my first idea to look up. It was really fun! It was better than I expected it to be, although the venue could’ve been bigger. The best parts were the story telling sessions. I can’t wait to try joining them!

Later that evening, I travelled from Indiranagar to MG Road via the Metro! It was such an exhilarating moment. The Bangalore that I saw in the station was beyond my imagination.

Then, as you’ve read here, the first month syndrome hit me a little. Ignitors was happening all of three days and I bunked the last day. My cold still hasn’t gone.

Meanwhile, the two weeks, Bangalore’s weather has changed drastically. It’s sweater and umbrella weather everyday, all day! It’s kind of nice, but also gets a little dull.

DEADLINE IS APPROACHING. The last day of submission of my term paper has moved to August 26. 2016. Last year, all my seniors submitted them in January 2016. This is just too unfair and cruel.

I lost my bus pass. In all the three years of my travelling in a bus, I’ve never been so careless. Now i have that additional headache.

To top it off, I just read the saddest ending to a trilogy.

These two weeks have not been good at all.

Terribly sorry for the rant.



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