Open Letter Fridays: To all the writers who are shy

I have met few interesting and brilliant writers in my life. But ironically, I have never read anything written by them, because they always refuse when I ask. I always wonder, if they have such unique thoughts while they are socializing, why are they shy about letting it out in the world? Is it that they think that they aren’t good enough? Or is it because they think people will judge them based on their experiences in life?

I am baffled.

Dear Writers,

Don’t be shy. Or hesitant.

You write for a reason. You can write the things that nobody can dream of. You choose to write the things that you want to change. You choose to write about the injustice, the hardships, the love, the hate that you see and feel.

You write for a reason. Whatever it may be, you need to be heard.

Your cries, your pleas and your happiness and your anger, all need to be heard. You contribute to the magic in this mundane world and that one splash of colour in this grey world.

And if you think that your opinion and thoughts in this world aren’t required, you think wrong.

Every thought, every opinion matters. It is uniquely yours and you need to be proud of it.

So next time, when you want to say that you’re a writer, do it with your head held high. When they ask to read something of yours, chin up and show them something close to your heart. They might criticize you for your language or your style, but I promise you, they will not be judgmental.

If they are, keep your knuckles ready. They have no right.

You are magic. And you have the power to weave the magic in your words.

Don’t waste it.

Just remember.

Parinitha P


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