The Little Things

The Little Things

There’s a digital artist and illustrator by name Pascal Campion who makes brilliant sketches of daily life and sometimes, as a bonus, adds little dialogue to it, to make the scene more realistic.

What’s important to me is how these simple little daily moments can bring about emotion in me. Enjoying in the rain, the beach, with a beloved, with your children, with kids, with pets, solitary moments, they all are so much more meaningful. It’s not just his art style; it’s his subject and its ability to reach out to our souls.

Each time I see his sketches, my heart feels. My heart swells with happiness by looking a father being proud of his son, a mother feeding her child, two little duckies playing in the rain (my absolute favourite!); my heart aches when I see sketches of couple because they have so much love written all over that it is damn near impossible to find someone who looks at you like that; I squeal when there are animals involved; I clap when there’s a little story included.

Pascal helped me realize one thing: it’s the little things that matter. The little things that made you cry; that made you smile; that made you look tenderly into someone’s eyes; all of it will end up being the best memories of one’s lives. You may soon forget about them, but these moments are the ones that make you feel that thing called “emotion” hidden deep inside your heart, and you can never forget how it made you feel.


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