Weekend Coffee Share #8

Wow. It’s been…I don’t even know how long since I wrote under the banner of “Weekend Coffee Share”.

Today, I’m not going to rant. The world is too full depressing shit anyway. Why add to it? Why not make the world a better place with your smile and optimism? Why use the word “hate” at every opportunity available? Why curse the rain when you can enjoy the cold weather and play in it or snuggle up in blankets with a movie and popcorn? Why think there must be something new happening to you all the time? Why not make it happen yourself? Why blame others for your misfortune?

Your day was bad? Get up and run! Feed a dog. Feed a child. Make music. Make art. Spread your love and happiness. Maybe a small fraction of the world’s population might be a wee bit happier because of you.

If that doesn’t make you happy, then I don’t know what will.

I’ve learnt (a long time ago) complaining will never get you anywhere. People will start to despise you and the negative aura surrounding you. I know I do. So, when college and life in general (see also: This Not my Bengaluru), started to get really stressful, in the last few weeks or so, I’ve smiled maybe three times. I sort of went into a depression because I couldn’t find things happy anymore. So, what did do? I started complaining.

I frowned and got really irritated with every little thing. I just stood or sat in the bus, looking straight ahead, and not making eye contact with anyone; not even when I said “Thank you” a couple of times with a tight-lipped smile. I just did my work. I didn’t read in class; my lunch group started becoming smaller and smaller, diminishing the variety of talk; I didn’t create; I didn’t watch movies.

And I was absolutely miserable.

So I slapped myself a couple of times, really hard, and snapped out of it.

Then my face glowed and hasn’t stopped since.

A few opportunistic things have happened this week! I’ve had a trial membership from Audible for a while now and somehow, without me knowing it would bill up, it got billed to my sister’s friend, Yoggy’s credit card. I was able to buy four Audiobooks! I bought It Ends With US, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore, Graffiti Moon and Where’d you Go, Bernadette? I started listening to It Ends With Us, and I’m so loving the audiobook experience! I’m yet to judge the book, but it’s Colleen Hoover. Even though I was on bad terms with her book November 9i still love all her other works. So, I’m waiting to finish it before I jump to conclusions.


I made a couple of bookmarks for a friend’s birthday, and I’ve loved making it. They both came out really well (one better than the other), and I’m so please 🙂 I can’t wait for him to see it!


I finally, finally finished writing and almost packing up two packages waiting to be sent to France and USA.  I sent them an antique style idol of Ganesha and jewellery. I’ve tried decorating it as much as I could. I hope they like it!

This is my life so far. How is yours?



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