I feel betrayed

Okay, so I’m being too melodramatic.

I was walking to college today, and it was just before noon when I reached. I was listening to music and I brought by bag up front and noticed that the front zip was half opened.

Now, I live in Bangalore. I know how people take advantage of anyone and everyone and steal stuff and misbehave. So, I’m always extra careful when I’m travelling in buses. I never leave my bag zips open. And that zip is where I keep my wallet and bus pass and other small things. I opened the zip fully, revealing an empty space.

My wallet’s gone.

Or maybe I left it at home and never realized.

I called my mother, and asked her to take a look at my bed and table. She said she couldn’t find my red wallet anywhere.

Gone case.

I went into the quadrangle, where all of my classmates were revising for the practical exam at 1. I went and sat down with a thud and announced, “My wallet’s gone.”

They looked at me in surprise (Damn straight. I was way too surprised). The asked me the obvious questions, “Did you have anything important?” (Yes, my debit card, on which was my password covered in a sticker. The thief ripped the sticker and stole my money full. Got a text from the bank. Also, I had loads of visiting cards. Some that can never get back.) “How much money did you have?” Just about 150 Rs or so.

We tried blocking the card, but by then it was too late.

What I’m really upset about is losing the wallet itself. I bought it for my sister years ago, and when I’d bought another wallet for her last birthday, I had been using it. It was red and one of the only colourful things I’d ever owned.

Time to be more careful around women who appear perverted.


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