PuTa tirugisi noDi

I’d watched this movie way back during Meta-2016 and written this review for the competition. I hope you like it! Don’t miss the movie if you get the chance to watch it!

Puta Tirugisi Nodi is a 2016 Kannada film directed by Suneel R and stars Kailash TV, Adithi Kalkunte, Sharath Bhagavan, Sudha Belwadi in main roles.

The film revolves around Mohan (Kailash TV), a very talented cricket player who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the national team as an injury scars his life. It travels between the past and the present, getting small glimpses of his simple life. He’s never scored a century in his career and the film ends with him scoring one, thus, saying that life changes after every page; you just turn the page and see.

This film is set in Bengaluru and is very close to my heart. The language, the dialect, the slang, the areas and the conversations are something that I see on a daily basis but never in a film. This made my film watching experience very special and fun. My cheekbones and my stomach hurt by the time the film was over because I was smiling throughout the film and laughed at least half the time.

The story had little but fun plot. The parts of the cricket playing were amazing. The characters were lively and they could be picked out of any part of the city. The dialogues were perfect. It had just enough words to convey the message, with humongous amounts of light-hearted humor. The story wasn’t really much but the way it was portrayed was refreshing. The film had interviews of several people, who spoke about Mohan’s life as a child and his cricket career. There were lots of children in the film and each one of them acted brilliantly.

There is a love story in the background (sort of) and gains much importance when Nikhila’s (Adithi) mother (Sudha Belwadi) doesn’t approve of their marriage as Mohan is from Brahmin caste. This, along with the help of the conflict in him and with the people from the other ground, helps clear his head and Nikhila promises to try and convince her mother. It has been downplayed very much, with no unnecessary touchy-feely moments, and it was perfect. The love was very evident in both of their faces.

The music was beautiful. The songs were very meaningful and the background music spoke for itself. It was subtle and was only noticed in moments of absolute silence; in crucial moments like when Mohan picked himself up after falling during the match.


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