Weekend Coffee Share #10 (!!)

First of all, look at that header.

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to do something like that on Adobe Photoshop and I got stuck because, well, I don’t know how Photoshop works. So I texted Prince, asking him to help me out and guide me through it. That brilliant and thoughtful boy hooked me up with TeamViewer (which I didn’t know existed) and I was shocked. Utterly, unbelievably at a loss for words. After I got over my initial shock, we kept texting back and forth, him asking me what I wanted and me telling him that. He did most of the work for me. I only positioned the text and sized it all to my liking. I learnt a lot in the process and ended up having more fun than I ever thought I would.

I know I didn’t do this by myself, never thought I would, but I’m incredibly proud of it. Look forward to more of such design stuff in the future on all my blogs!

I went to the GPO (General Post Office, near Vidhana Soudha) sometime last week, via the Bangalore Metro, and I fell in love. There was a post shoppe, or something like that, where they had souvenirs, which included postcards. I grabbed 2 different packs of Heritage of Bangalore and one pack of Mysore. They’re all black and white photos, taken a really long time ago. They’re really beautiful and I’m sending along three of them (two Mysore and one Bangalore; too possessive about my city) to three different countries.

The second postcard on the left photo is a painting.

I also made two postcards, spent ages trying to change my style but with little positive results. I’m happy with them, though!


The travel via metro was phenomenal. Somehow, even though the technology was top notch, I still felt it was Bangalorean through and through. Call me crazy, but the whole atmosphere underground told me otherwise.

Since there’s a lot of Diwali sale happening online, my mother, who didn’t oppose one bit, bought me the entire Mortal Instruments Series. I got it yesterday, and I’m immensely happy! I bought a total of 12 books this month. Until next year then, book shopping!


I was on the phone with my two best girls yesterday (Messenger calls) and we spoke for two hours. I don’t remember what we spoke about, but since we hadn’t seen each other in the last few months, we obviously had a lot of catching up to do. It was one of the best nights ever.

This was my week, spent in juggling studies, lots of happiness, little exploration of the city, trying not to worry about my hairfall and a lot of art.

How was yours?



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