Weekend Coffee Share #11

Happy anniversary, Pappa and Amma! Live a long, happy life! Here’s a throwback to last year’s post!

Sorry for the absence and for not writing that post on the people and food and culture of Madikeri, as I promised. I will make it up for you soon. In the meanwhile, here’s what’s going on in my life so far.

After my exams on the 2nd of November, that immediate Monday, my friends and I went sampling for our dissertation project. It was fun work, but also extremely tiring. We drove all around Bengaluru, picking one particular site per day and looking for agricultural lands where they grew flowers and vegetables. We got some pretty awesome stuff, but we have to dry them in order to test them. And drying them in this winter Sun is a pain.

I’ve disappointed myself and a whole lot of people this past week. I’ve got to gather courage and work harder this semester.

My sister also joined Postcrossing! It is going to be so much fun! I’m glad she has something new to do!

Since November 1st, I’ve been attempting JR Rogue and Kat Savage’s writing prompts, As Everything Turns Grey. I’ve loved writing every bit of it but they aren’t nearly as good as my attempts at Because Every Summer Is Still Winter. And you can check them out here. I’ve also been writing with a friend, Parvathi, and it has been a wonderful experience so far. She blogs at Queen Talks. I urge you all to find a writing buddy this instant!

This has been my November so far. Not the best, but I’m surviving.


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