My Big Christmas Project

Before I hide away from blogging in front of my big Christmas Project, I have to write this off.

In Teacher’s Pet, I have mentioned about one of my favourite teachers, who also happens to be one of the very first Christians that I’ve ever met. And I’ve been making her a Christmas card ever since I left her class and got promoted to fourth standard. And then joined St. Joseph’s where every third person is a Christian. And for two years now, I’ve been making cards for the closest ones.

Last year, I made 22 cards. The details are here. So, as Christmas is still a month away, I decided that I will start early and will make post cards this year.

Why post cards, you ask? Because they’re easy, and more creative and so much more of a challenge than normal cards, because you only have one side to work on. And this year, I’ll be making about 26 cards, more or less.

I’m excited! I will keep updating as and when possible, but I’m so excited!


ನಿಮ್ಮದೊಂದು ಉತ್ತರ

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