The Harry Potter Postcard Project

I must probably be mad.

I was planning for my big Christmas Project, when I felt stuck. I didn’t feel inspired to do much (pretty much nothing) so I decided to fall back on the basics.

Harry Potter.

Harry Potter isn’t really my Number 1 fandom. That place is taken by Percy Jackson. Nonetheless, it does inspire me the most. So, one late night, on the Indian Bookstagrammers group, I sent a message that I wanted to make HP themed postcards and I got 16 requests! 16! It was the first time that I sent so many postcards at one shot.

These are the cards that I’m really, really proud of. I’ve made all of them with the same amount of love and care, and even though some are pretty meh, it was one crazy mission making them all.

I would do it again.

And now that I’ve gained enough inspiration, off to my other big mission: Christmas Cards. I’ve already made about 7 of them. Just another 25 or so to go.

Wish me luck!

Oh, I also successfully completed JR Rogue’s and Kat Savage’s November poetry prompts, As Everything Turns Grey. Starting a new one by PoetryHive!


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