Bullet Jounalling

December was the first time I ever tried Bullet Journal. It was a trial phase, and even though I’m not able to be up to date with it, I will continue to do this for however long I live.

Disclaimer: This is entirely my perspective. If you don’t like it, don’t hate on my ideas. Just don’t do it.

Bullet Journal is an effective, easy way to keep track of what you’re doing in life and what tasks lie ahead of you and whatever else you’d like to keep a track of, which can bring out the creative soul inside of you. You could do a journal exclusively for reading and/or writing or even for art, but so long as you keep it personal and you.

Pick up a notebook and a pen. I prefer my Parker Fountain Pen with my name engraved on it (see featured image), with black ink, because black ink is very satisfying. You can use any notebook that you like: ruled, unruled, grid or dotted. Unfortunately for my, I didn’t have an unruled notebook that I liked, so I used a ruled, spiral notebook.

I started mine very basically. I didn’t go through Pinterest for my first time, because I know I’ll be very intimidated by it. So, I began the way I wanted, with the calendar of the month:


It has all my important dates and events, reminders as well. I originally had a weekly list of things to do, but that plan failed because I had no idea what I’d be doing that week. So, I ditched that.

Next thing to compile is a legend. Mine looks like this:


I focused on not just planning, but the accomplishment of them. After the planning part, I write out what I did today and what I didn’t and tried and focused on why it happened. For me, this part is very liberating.


Once you’ve done this, and you’re comfortable doing this, go on to the next step: research. Research on new methods, new ideas to pump up your experience. I am yet to do that, in 2017, and hopefully, I will keep up a new method. I will update a new method in January 2017. Stay tuned!

Feel free to change it as often as you like, as many times until you feel comfortable enough to be able to look forward to do it everyday.


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