A free ticket

It has been a while since I blogged on this blog. I seem to giving my other project more attention, but don’t worry, Mommy is back.

Today was the second last of my mid semester exams, and Sam and I left the hall 50 minutes of the 90 minutes after the test began. It was that kind of a paper. She and I left college and started walking the long, monotonous route towards the bus stop.

Yesterday, I decided to go to the GPO (General Post Office) on Saturday as Akka I was running out of postcards (Well, they just got a little boring). But Amma made a suggestion: why not try the Cauvery Emporium? After all, the postcards we bought from Park Lane in Mysore were pretty brilliant…

So, I caught the first available bus to Jayanagar 4th block, and to think it was a “13”, a bus which stops a kilometer away from home. It was 10 in the morning; half the showrooms were not even open yet, so obviously, the bus was sparsely populated. The nearest seat was in the second row and I sat down, rummaging for my wallet to buy a ticket.

As we were entering the Shantinagar TTMC (fancy abbreviation for a bus stand) when I hand him the money and tell my destination.I realize I gave him one rupee less, so I take out my wallet and hand him the last one rupee. He asks me, “For whom?”

I reply. “Me only.”

“Don’t you have your pass?”

“I should get it done for this year.”

With that, he hands me back my money, prints a ticket, gives it to me and walks away. I try forcing the money to him, but he doesn’t budge.

He bows to me as I was stepping of the bus; I give him my biggest smile possible.

Not sure what just happened, but it was nice.



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