Plaster of Paris

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I used plaster of Paris.

For the past two weeks, after the tragic mid semester exams and the fact that we couldn’t keep a stall at Nirvaan, we, meaning, Sam and I decided to keep a stall during Meta. Meta is the Josephite Lit Fest, spanning for 12 days (!!) from the 10th to the 22nd. I am so, so excited for it!

So, Sam, I, Nithya and Ismail, along with this girl called Apurva, we’re keeping a stall filled with quirky and cute stuff. It ranges from greeting cards to posters (Ismail) to dream catchers to bookmarks to beads. Most of it is handmade (except for the posters) and this week has been the most exciting ever of my third year at Josephs.

Yesterday, even though I knew that PoP can dry quickly, I didn’t know it could dry so fast. My mother made the mixture that was clayey and it hardened within two minutes tops. We did them in smaller batches after leaning this. Those were for beads.

Today, I thought I’d make paper weights. So, I took a disposable plastic container (which I’m going to use again), and made a runny mixture. By then, I had a few small plates and bowls ready with a plastic sheet covering them. I felled them up, and went to my room to get the packet to sequins. I take one out and press into one of the make-shift bowls, only to realize they had hardened already. I just have to paint them.


ನಿಮ್ಮದೊಂದು ಉತ್ತರ

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