Trying to find Lost motivation

I really do want to blog. I might have a number of things stocked up in my phone’s notepad, and I’m sure if I went through them, I’d pick one of them to write.

But I’m stopping myself.

I know why I started to blog in the place. It was for class, and I loved doing it so I continued. But, when I was looking for motivation to blog (yes, I googled the same words) they talked about niches.

Stick to your niche don’t worry about others reading it. 

I never worry about who might read it or not. I hardly get any comments so I’m not even bothered. I just blog for my own pleasure but I can’t seem to find any substance for it. Like, what is it that I blog about? My life.

But why? Why would some random person in some corner of the world want to read how good or bad my day was? Why would anyone care?

This is my problem.

I hope I can get out of this soon enough. I hate complaining. Or ranting.


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