Not stopping until personal satisfaction is achieved

It has been more than a year since I wrote under Tuesday Is Talent Day! and I have been eyeing Clive’s art on Facebook ever since we became friends. How, I have no idea, but we did and I think what he does with his art and ideas are really cool.

I think one of the earliest pieces of his art that I remember seeing was of a minimalist car. I thought, “He would fit Tuesday Is Talent Day! really well.”

Clive Clinton is from BVC, Anita‘s classmate and is really good with minimalism. He’s coming with a new project soon and I wish him all the best for it!

Upon asking him how he got into this field, he says:

After my 12th standard, I was looking for options for my bachelors, when my aunt introduced me to media. I researched about it and I found it really interesting, so I joined this course.


The owner’s story was highly motivational and that made me work on this.

It was this piece that made me want to approach him. This is also, coincidentally, his favourite illustration so far.

How did he get into minimalism?

I saw a Mustang once, and I thought, “Can I redraw this in a different way?”

I’d done illustrations before and they were all for assignments. This minimalism Mustang was my very first one. So I drew it all out and began deleting parts. I got a skeleton of it and I wasn’t very happy with it. I threw away the whole project and took it from a different angle. I took the front view of it and started drawing it. It came out really well and I was happy with it.


I don’t know where to start. I always was a fan of Mustangs and horses but this American muscle made me really crazy after this episode called Knight rider (The Shelby GT500KR is an epic, bad-ass vehicle. Adding artificial intelligence, an EMP pulse weapon, and chameleon paint makes the newest KITT extra epic and bad-ass.) Also, the movie “I’m a legend” made me work on this .

It was the first time that I’d seen art like this and it intrigued me. Minimalism sounds like a simple concept, but there are a lot of elements that go on in minimalism that escape attention and concentration is on finer details.


Earth day
Earth day was special to me and for many other environmentalist friends, hence this creation. It had many views; people also saw it as “love earth and make it a better place” and all such things. This was one of my favourite work since it had different meanings to different people.

Another one of my favourites. We all know why.


Ares, Greek God of War.
Greek Mythology always made me curious and also knives and weapons are just what I love; I also wanted to extend my art work apart from automobiles.

I think Ares would be happy with this. The choice of colours is very eye blinding and fierce, just like Ares himself.


This was a request from many of my friends- to recreate a minimalist bike. A few biker friends loved my previous projects and I got more requests for recreating bikes.


Trojan Helmet
English literature, computer science and history are the reasons for this.


Taj Mahal
One of the Wonders of the world in silhouette.


Twin Lens camera
I’ve always loved antique stuff.


This was for my father for Father’s Day, who passed away on 01/01/16.

My favourite so far.


My first logo
I don’t know what to say. This was very special. It was the trust from a friend and the freedom I had to do what I loved to do. The only client who had no expectations.

This should not be new to anyone who’s read my blog before. You can find it here.

I asked where he planned to take this from college, because we will be passing out of college in a few months.

I haven’t thought much about it, actually, but I would really want to take it far. I want to start my own thing. I have also started my own thing, called Pravishta, hopefully that will click! Maybe a movie with minimalist animation? I’m trying something like that. I’m hoping it works.

The movie idea sounds really cool.

My senior artists from my internship were really encouraging. They told me to make a portfolio, and with making a portfolio, creating new designs with Photoshop, I gained both skill and speed.

What’s marvelous for me is how even though he didn’t know much about the software, Illustrator, he just tried it out with his first Mustang and he did it anyway. Sure, it took a lot of time and effort but in the end, he still did it.

I’m very particular about my work. Until and unless I’m not satisfied with it, I’m not going to get up from my laptop. Which explains my glasses…I didn’t have them before.

Bikes were much harder because there was already so little material, and on top of that, there were parts that I had to cut down. But I tried it, over and over again.

Today, Clive’s perseverance is really inspiring. I wish him all the very best for his future and I’m hoping to hire him to create more for my blog!

(Picture Credits: Clifford Prince.)


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