Meta 2017

Last year, I sort of reflected back on what I did at Meta that year, and what I leaned and how much I learned and all that. I sort of did it during this Weekend Coffee Share but i wasn’t completely satisfied with it because I had news to share.

But before that.

I think I gained a lot more confidence in my art, even if it did dampen a little right before the setting up of our stall. I gained hella lot of experience in marketing. And I had so much fun.

On the last day of Meta, I was invited to their closing ceremony, which started at 6;30 in the evening and ended at 8:30 in the night. I asked my sister to pick me up that night. But I am immensely glad that I stayed because not only did I get to take my prizes in front of a lot of people, but I also got to witness “Mani on My Mind”, a thank you program by the 3rd EJP students to Arul Mani sir. It made my day.

And yes, I won second place in Children’s Fiction and a special mention in Blackout Poetry! It was such an amazing day after that sad Friday.



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