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That lavender coloured frock

Because I have some sort of a writer’s block, or rather, a creative block that is unsettling all the time, I have decided to restart with Bryn Donovan’s 100 prompts on writing about yourself. I won’t do it every day and definitely not in one stretch, but hopefully, I will have attempted them all. This, fingers crossed, will also help improve my memory and help me rediscover myself from a different angle.

1. Describe your earliest childhood memory.

On the left most part of my palm, I have a sort of a skin boil that has hardened very quickly. I have no memory of the pain that was endured, but I do remember how it happened. Sort of, assuming that I didn’t make it up in my head.

I think I was four years old. It was in a house we lived in Srinivas Nagar; one with a large, cemented front yard, with a washing stone on which I had apparently gotten my hair cut. I was wearing this lavender coloured frock that fell past my knees, which I had gotten for my birthday that year. It was Pappa and Amma’s anniversary. We were getting ready to go out, and it was just only about 6 in the evening. The sun set earlier during November, so our pooja timings were also altered accordingly.

I think I insisted on lighting the incense sticks to the door and the Tulasi plant outside. But i did light them myself. And not just one or two of those like I do now, but four sticks at one go. They were lighted and I watched them in deep fascination, as they burned and a fourth of the sticks just burnt in my hand. I still kept watching when I remembered to stick them in the Tulasi plant pot.

I have no idea how i got the scar; maybe i decided to play with the burning tips of the sticks and burnt my hand; I used to be an impulsive, fearless kid back then (lighting up small bijili crackers in my hand and then throwing them up just before it burst; I had great timing). But i do remember me staring at those burning incense sticks very adoringly.

That scar has faded over time, and now it is almost flat against my palm. It has a yellowish tinge, but soon, I’m sure it will fade away.



Books and mail make my day :) I'm slowly discovering art. But crafts help me lift my mood. Writing is important. Family is the best.

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