The Family Masala Dosa

My friends and I had been hooked on this idea to go and eat a family Dosa, which DJ had already eaten. It was such an amazing idea; someone actually thought, “Oh, we’ll make a BIG dosa, and make lots of people eat it together!” It brings together a lot of people and it is one of those rare days where I’ve had so much fun in final year of college.

This was probably one of the last lunches we will ever have as a class, but I’ll not think too much about it, or I will cry.

Everyday, for the past two weeks or so, one of us has always kept saying, “Let’s go eat family dosa!” and the plan always has failed because of dissertation work and whatnot. Finally free from dissertation work and with just one last (lame) practical exam to go, we decided to go.


This seemed like magic. The place was called RK Dosa Camp, in Wilson Garden, and it took us a while to figure out where it was before realizing it was right behind the Shantinagar TTMC. One family dosa costed us 200 INR. Totally worth it.

The place was small. The dosa tava was kept just outside the place. This family dosa was three HUGE masala dosas merged together into one.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-31 at 18.48.53

After we ordered it, we went by the man who was making this dosa and we all watched with fascination as this huge dosa came to life. A mesmerizing sight.

Even with an (un)healthy dose of butter and ghee in the dosa itself, we got a cup of butter on the side along with the regular Aloo palya, sambar and chutney. The specialty here was a tomato chutney that was to die for. It was sweet, spicy and sour, all in one.

This was bonding and I’d missed it.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-31 at 18.48.32
Empty plates but still hogging up the sambar and palya. 

Picture credits to Smriti and Nairika!


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