What I do while writing an exam

I swear this is what I did this year since I became a little physically weak. And, man, this was fun!

Exam starts at 1:00 PM. I sit in my bench. 

  • Say my prayers. To Ganesha and Saraswathi. Under my breath and unnoticeably.
  •  Take my answersheet and question paper. Write off my details on my answer sheet first.
  • Start answering.
  • Look around the hall. See who’s writing. Who’s not.
  • Get tired. 6th semester exams were in a class room where there was a garden just outside our windows. I lay my head down and listened to the birds.

Fast-forward to half an hour later.

  • Write some more.
  • Get bored of writing the answer because it is totally unimaginitive.
  • Write some more. Curse myself for not going through that one part of the syllabus again.
  • Stretch.
  • Write.
  • Look behind at Sam. See if she’s done.
  • If she’s done, we give our paper and leave.
  • If she’s not done, I wait a bit.
  • If she’s still not done after ten minutes, I give my paper and leave.



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