NOT Studio Ghibli- Anime movies (Part 6)

I have an exam in three days and usually in the afternoons, I don’t study. I watch something, or read or keep myself somehow busy. I started watching the much hyped Yuri!!! On Ice, and I have to say, it does live up to its hype. I have only 5 more episodes to watch and I can’t wait for June 6th to be over. I also need to write about Doukyuusei. 

Anyway, today afternoon, I watched Hotarubi no Mori E (Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light). Originally a one-shot shoujo manga, this short film reminded me of the time I watched The Garden of Words. It was just as short, sweet and beautiful.

Hotaru visits her uncle in the country side every year. The first time she went there was when she was six. She went into a forest and got lost. There, she meets Gin, a forest spirit, whom no human can touch. As Hotaru embarks on a deep friendship with Gin, every year, the one thing she looks forward to is Summer and meeting Gin.

I expected a few things to happen but definitely not in the way they did. I thought it was a wee bit too short, but I liked it anyway. It was different and yet somehow similar to Spirited Away. I was disappointed in the lack of transformation of Hotaru, and the story was so simple. I liked that simplicity a lot! Not many characters, not too many places, nothing too elaborate but peaceful.

I don’t know what could’ve been better, but I liked it.


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