End of Summer

Two days ago, the first rain of the monsoon officially marked the end of Summer. While I had finished exams earlier at the end of April, I had one more pending on Tuesday and after finishing it, I feel a huge sense of relief, planning all the things that I want to do for a year. Because, well, I will be taking a year off. I will apply for internships, volunteering anything, but then again, I want celebrate it too. I have several things lined up, and one of the major things is learning to drive. It is one of my things to do before I am 21, which was originally one of the things to do before I turn 19, but seriously, I think I will go and ask for information tomorrow only. I will drag my dad if I have to, but I am scared to go alone. Call me a wimp, but places like that is not where I have enough courage to go alone.
After that, I also plan on learning to paint on canvas. I went to the amazing Itsy Bitsy, which is a craft store chain here in India, and then spent a lot of time looking for good products and good discounts on those products. The total was Rs. 1200 something, and on discount, it came down to 600! nearly 50% off! I got some really cool stuff. My main aim was to actually buy acrylic paints. I ended up buying few of those and some pigment inks and so much more! My favourite stuff was probably the camlin Inks. I bought blue, Green and violet. They are so pretty!!
Divya and I plan on conducting language classes for kids. Her Kannada is really good, and my English is teachable. We can make a good team. We haven’t worked out the details, but I already like our plans. I have loads of iedas as to how I can engage with them and make them fall in love with the language. I am really excited for it!
I sholud make my Bullet Journal calendar for June. My arm feels so sore from carrying a bunch of textbooks from college for a friend’s friend. I also got my copy of Lord Of Shadows yesterday, but I haven cracked it open yet. I am re reading Lady Midnight, and probably will be able to finish it tomorrow. Then I can read Lord Of Shadows.
Parvathi and I should take up a poetry challenge. It’s been a few months and my brains cells have all dried up with the action of books and watching movies.

Will come back with better posts soon. I had to write something, otherwise I would get sucked into that black hole of nothingness, where I hardly do anything. I don’t want that.


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