Begin Again

I always thought we should’ve watched this movie in 4th semester English class, when we studied “cities”.

I chanced upon this movie on my hard disk and I’ve been hooked on the music ever since. I’ve been wanting to write about it, but until yesterday, when this movie and Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix were playing side by side on different channels, I realized how much I am fond of this movie.

The story is pretty straightforward. A girl, Gretta and her boyfriend, David, fly to New York to become big artists. Gretta writes songs and David performs them, mostly. They’re a happy couple until the inevitable “cheating” of the rock star happens. Gretta moves in with her friend who works at a bar, and when she performs there, Dan, once upon a time a well known music producer, see her and he is suddenly inspired to make her a star. Gretta and Dan change each other’s lives in ways unimaginable.

There are several reasons why I like this movie as much as I do. For one, it is funny. Dan and Gretta’s relationship is purely platonic and it is so cute to watch them. They are funny and sarcastic and a great team. The story line is simple and takes all over the city, which is so beautiful. Their moving studio across the city of New York and their encounters with the police were fun! The duo recruiting musicians, Gretta being a good friend to Dan’s daughter Violet, all of it was just so good!

This is one of the best musicals that I’ve ever watched. It is fun, hilarious, heart-breaking with some great music.




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