Discovering Bengaluru

When we were given the task of reading the Bangalore Wikipedia page and making a note of all the things that I didn’t know about Bangalore, I laughed, thinking that there wouldn’t be much that I won’t know about my city, but the Wiki page laughed at me while I was reading because so many things were new! Here is a list of all things that I found were profoundly shocking:

  1. Bangalore receives 800 Million litres of water, A DAY
  2. It ranks fourth in terms of GDP in the country. Now I know what those IT people sitting in A/C offices and riding in A/C cars do all day long, besides adding to the pollution.
  3. The number of Vehicles being registered in RTOs daily is 1250.
  4. Bengaluru is India’s most vegan friendly city by PeTA.
  5. There is an organisation called BEES- Battelle Environmental Evaluation System, for which, if still active, I would like to work.

I tried reading the History section, but it just went all over my head. History is better when you hear it from else, making jokes and adding personal experiences to it, rather than just reading it off somewhere.


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