Boys Over Flowers

AKA “Boys with Handkerchiefs“. Or even “Boys with Extra Jackets to Lend to Cold Girls“. And maybe even “Boys with Too Much Money, All The Time”.

But seriously.

This is my second ever K-drama, and I like it so much. I’ve had loads of fun watching this. From feeling anger to sadness to happiness to swooning to sheer frustration, this drama has showed me and made me feel everything.

My first K-drama was “My Man From The Stars”, and there was not much in it. The story was really fun because the plot had some amaze times and funny times and shocking times, but there were fewer characters to love and NO LOVE triangles (thankfully) and hence, less angst. No going which team should the girl belong to? Which team should I root for?! But this drama has it. Most of us were conflicted, according to the comments on the website I was watching on, but slowly, people started becoming clearer about whom they want to root for.

The story is very simple. Jan Di is a middle class girl, whose family owns a dry cleaning business. One day, she goes to deliver a coat or something to a student in Shinhwa High School. Shinhwa group is the richest group of business in the whole country. And the school is meant only for those “elite Kids”, including the son and heir of the Shinhwa group, Gu Jun Pyo. Him and his gang of friends are called the F4, and are very influential. Jan Di saves this boy’s life when he was going to commit suicide in the school and then due to the media pressure and all, the chairwoman gives her a scholarship to study in Shinhwa high school. She confronts the F4 and she gets teased mercilessly by her classmates, who don’t think of her as equal, because she isn’t all that rich or pretty. Which is pathetic. She becomes a target for the F4, when she stood up against them for her “friend”. But she ends up changing their lives and hers forever and very unimaginably so.

Spoiler Alert:

Jan Di’s first love was Gu Jun Pyo’s best friend Ji Hu. I also love him so much. Ji Hu is quiet and he’s almost always there when she needs him. He’s the perfect person anyone could ever ask for and that dumb Jan Di went and fell in love with Jun Pyo. And surprisingly, Jun Pyo’s the first one to announce to the world that his girlfriend is Jan Di. He didn’t even ask her! He’s that kind of a pompous asshole. But at times, I really love what Jun Pyo and Jan Di have. Their banter is really cute! That’s what is amiss between Jan Di and Ji Hu. Which is why their relationship didn’t work out.

While Ji Hu is the sweet underdog, there’s another sweet asshole, by name Yijeong. His smile melts hearts and and he’s learned to charm the pants off of girls. Nonetheless, Ga Eul, Jan Di’s best friend, melts his heart and in the end, they get together. Him being an accomplished potter also adds to his charisma and the things he can do with his hands. His hands, goodness.

Then we have Wu Bin, who is hinted at having connections in the mafia, and as cute and sweet as he can look, he also has a very aggressive streak. I kind of like that about him.

Jan Di herself is amazing. Life hates her and makes things absolutely crazy for her. But she works through it all, sometimes on her own, sometimes with the help of her F4 friends (minus Jun Pyo at times) and with an unwavering smile. That’s why she captured the hearts of the four brilliant young men. In the last episode, during her graduation day, all the boys excluding Jun Pyo, take turn dancing with her. It was the cutest thing to watch.

There was too much drama in the middle of the whole bit which made it a little boring, but then again, how else will Jan Di and Jun Pyo conquer their love for each other?

Have you watched it? Let me know what you think! Also leave me recommendations of K-drama! Or Japanese drama. Anything really, with less than 30 episodes.


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