Why I am looking forward to Mondays

Yes. For the last few weeks, I have been looking forward to Mondays. It is mostly because of the weekly Podcast Jules and James.

Jules and James starts out (and still is) a conversation over the phone, once a week, for half an hour. It all began when Jules, a film director from London, calls James, an American painter in Paris, by mistake. They strike up a conversation that becomes a weekly thing for them, and eventually, for us.

I discovered this podcast after a few weeks it had already started. So, I had a small pile to listen to. After I was caught up with all the episodes, I waited for the 10th one. And then as soon as I found it on the website, bam! I listened to it.

This was a mistake that I did not repeat for another two weeks. If I listened to it at that very moment, I would have to wait for a long time for it come again next week! So for a bit, I sort of prevented myself from looking at the website in general. And it worked, and my curiosity was only at the peak when I did decide to listen to it.

But… when the 14th episode was released, I couldn’t hold my self back. I listened to it as soon as I saw it that Monday morning, and I regretted it. There was a shift in the mood of the podcast, and I freaking loved it. But, I waited a whole week for the next episode. And I have to wait a bit more.

One of the main things I love about this podcast is James’ laugh. That man’s laugh just reverberates throughout my body and it is amazing. There’s a phrase that we use in Kannada, “kanchina kanTa” literally meaning the voice of copper. It doesn’t make much sense but James’ voice is like that. You just want to listen to is all day and all night and you’d never get bored.

Another thing I loved was Jules’ accent. She has a typical British accent and I can’t help imagine Keira Knightly voicing this character. It just fits.

And this also happens to be very convenient for me when I have work to do that doesn’t require much thinking, like some art work. I can keep painting and laughing alongside their jokes and no one’s hurt.

This is my very first podcast, and so easy to listen to! If you have any recommendation like that, do let me know!


3 thoughts on “Why I am looking forward to Mondays

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