Hercules- The Disney version

I laughed out loud watching this movie, so many times that my throat and cheeks hurt. Like, this story, not even remotely accurate to the original, is meant for kids in a totally non-educational way. The only reason I know the actual story so well was because of Percy Jackson. More on that later.

The story of Hercules, the Disney version, no matter how inaccurate, it is totally, absolutely entertaining. I had watched the beginning of it some time ago, and couldn’t continue watching it, which is why I knew it was good. It is easily one of my favourite Disney movies ever.

The thing that I loved about this movie is how, even though the Greek stories are all so violent and not suitable for children at all, they’ve twisted it around to something little sinister and dark, but at the same time, if you don’t analyze it too deeply, it looks perfectly all right on the creamy top. They’ve made a story out of a story, and only Disney can do that.

The Muses were amazing. Apollo from the Trials of Apollo keeps commenting on how there are the Nine Muses and how he can’t choose among them, and in this, I guess Disney ran out of Latina women types to draw. Which is why there are only Five Muses in this movie. But they were pretty awesome.

And then there’s Megara. First off, Megara doesn’t seem like a Greek name at all. And to top it off, she says, “My friends call me Meg; that is if I had any friends.” She was also pretty amazing. Her extra-clinched waist extra-swayed at times and every time they showed Hercules’ reaction, I would have spit out water if I was drinking it during those scenes.

And the gods. Zeus was okay, but he was extra chirpy and happy and all, “My son!” types. Which is not how I imagine Zeus to be like. And all the gods get captured, including Zeus, by Titans, no less, and Hercules single-handedly saving them all, was a bit too much for Hercules. I mean, if the gods together couldn’t fight off the Titans themselves, then there is no hope for Hercules.

I understand the reasons they made the gods like they were, very colour-oriented, like pink for Hera and Aphrodite, blue for Hermes and Poseidon, grey for Athena, purple for Dionysus, but the titans were terrible. They could’ve made humanoid creatures, but noooo, they had to have been made out of a natural disaster. That annoyed me.

But I loved the Fates, they were as perfectly described by Percy and so was Hades. The Underworld and Cerebrus were also on point. The souls drifting in and out were creepy, and that did not qualify as a cute little children’s scene. The way Pegasus was born in this movie was so cute and innocent and that I almost prefer this version to the original version of the creation of pegasus. That story is ghastly.

Overall, this was one entertaining film, and I enjoyed to the fullest, even with its faults and cracks where the original Greek stories were concerned. That happens very rarely.


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