Weekend Coffee Share #19

Technically, this becomes a weekday post because it is already New Year where I live, so Happy New Year!

This could’ve been 20 or 21 but my lazy bum didn’t feel like typing anything much, even if I did want to reach my mark of 300 posts before the end of the year. Oh well.

2017 was a very unexpected year. The first half just whizzed by because I had college, and man, I miss college. I miss all the cribbing, the lab, the lunch, the banyan tree, the movies and of course, all my peeps. Leaving was hard, but we had to accept it, unless I wanted to study masters there only, which I didn’t.

And then my unexpected break came. I had a load of things to do in my break and I couldn’t achieve a single one of them. But there were other things that I did, though. I wrote a lot of poetry and did a lot of art. I’m really proud of that. I also read a lot, but there’s nothing new there. I wish I had blogged more, though. I just keep running out of things to say and even when I sit down to write, I can’t.

I also began Freelancing. It’s quite slow and I have only one client, but it pays okay. It provides for some expenses that I can’t keep asking my family for. By next year, I hope to have more clients, and make it a little steadier.

I can’t think what to write about my year, right now, at least. I’m a little tipsy so I can’t think straight, but tomorrow or day after, I will rehash my entire year (and bore you all to death! mwhahahaha). But for now, this week. Beginning from Christmas Eve.

On Sunday, Christmas Eve, I went and met Nithya. She lived on the other end of the city and I had a good day. Nithya and I spent the whole afternoon just sitting and talking. I can’t remember half the things we spoke about, but I had a really good day. Later that evening, I met my family at MG Road, where my mother wanted to see the lights on Brigade Road. It was really nice! The lights were full and very pretty.

Christmas was such an amazing day. Apart from the book I got from the Bookstagrammers annual Christmas Bookswap, I got so many more gifts from my sister. I swear, nobody else has such an awesome sister. She got me this really pretty edition of Emma, a Magnus Bane candle, a Harry Potter T shirt, a Patronus badge and a Totoro mug. She just knows me SO Well. Whereas I got her Alicia Souza’s (a Bangalore based illustrator whose illustrations are very cute) Happy Girls are the Prettiest calendar. Lame, I know. But she also bought an iPhone7, so it is my responsibility to buy her phone covers. I’ll go broke but if it makes her happy, that’s all I want.

After Christmas day, my family and went to Chitradurga, randomly. More on that later.

On the 30th, I met up with Parvathi (my bae over at Queen Talks) and Poorvi for some bookshopping and lunch. It was another great day. Then we went to drop my cousin off at the airport, who was leaving to Malaysia with her husband.

New Year’s eve was uneventful as usual. But Pappa made us a glass of cocktail so that was nice.

This was my whole week. I probably missed some parts, but, eh. Doesn’t matter.

Happy New Year! DO you have resolutions? Do tell me everything!


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