Exam nervousness

I’d almost forgotten how it was to write an exam that your future depended on. Almost.

On Saturday, the Jan 6th, I wrote an entrance for the only university that I applied to this year. And I was nervous.

Two days before the exam was the worst. I studied a bit, but then I knew I was nervous because I couldn’t sleep. I knew I couldn’t, so I spent the first hour of “trying” to sleep by listening to some music. I’ve always done that. It calms me down and distracts me from the ever-present feeling of impending doom.

But on the day of the exam, I don’t feel anything. This is an aptitude test. You’re supposed to be able to solve many of the questions with knowledge from school and a few of them with instincts.

Pappa was with me (as he always is for any entrance exams for me or Akka) and he bought me tea to help me calm down. It did. Also the fact that I made eye contact with a cute stranger helped.

So I took a deep breath, expelling out all those negative notions in me that says that something will go wrong, and got started on my test. I didn’t care that there were more than 300 people writing this test with me at the same location; nor the fact that if i don’t ace this, I don’t know what the future lies ahead. I just read my questions, chose my answers and thanked whoever it was that set the paper that there was no negative marking.



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